Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 was a little easier than the first day. I was extremely sore when I woke up, but did some light stretching to loosen up. I definitely didn't have the energy I had on day 1, but that didn't stop me from going to the gym and doing my workout. Here's how the day went:

Food: (2,090 calories)
Breakfast- egg and cheese breakfast panini with cheese (780 calories)
Lunch- peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a protein shake (490 calories)
Dinner- 2 slices of Hawaiian pizza (680 calories)
Snack- Fiber One chocolate granola bar (140 calories)

Exercise: (681 calories)
Biking- 30 min (238 calories)
Elliptical- 30 min (238 calories)
Stretching- 30 min (51 calories)
Weight lifting- arms 30 min (68 calories)
Biking around town- 15 min (85 calories)

2,090 calories consumed- 681 calories burned=1,409 Calories which is 415 over my goal. I have to remember that these are just estimates and that these numbers are just here to guide me and to make me aware of what I'm eating. I'm not going to take any of this to heart, and I know that if I stick to my goal of staying active everyday and eating healthy I can accomplish my ultimate long term goal.

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