Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 1

Whew! Made it through the first day. I am exhausted! I stayed active pretty much the whole day, but my cousin was in town which forced us to eat out. I try to avoid eating out whenever possible because most restaurants cook their food with lots of grease and butter and MSG. Things were going great until my sister broke out these cupcakes that were made by a special cupcake factory and she basically forced it down my throat! Okay, so that last part wasn't true, but I caved in and ate one. That was a one time thing and I promise it won't happen again!!! I'm not all about changing EVERYTHING, but my goals are to cut out all soda, sweets, and grease. I want to cut down my dairy and bread intake. And the number one rule to losing weight is to make sure you burn as many calories as you take in. So thanks to my iPhone app Lose It, I can easily see what my estimated calorie intake and output is. According to it, I have to lose 2 lbs per week which means my calorie intake per day shouldn't be more than 994. And this only gets me to my goal by Oct. 13 or something, but I'm okay with that. I still want to stay healthy and losing too much weight at one time is definitely not healthy. Here is my breakdown for day 1:

Weight: 143 (eek!)

Food: 2,085 calories
Breakfast- 2 eggs, slice of white bread with butter (208 calories)
Lunch- Protein shake, Bolthouse chocoloate whey and soy (280 calories)
Snack- Corn on the cob with butter, and grapes, cupcake (451 calories)
Dinner- Chicken fettucini alfredo with french bread (1,145 calories)

Exercise: 661 Calories
Yoga- 1 hour (128 calories)
Elliptical- 25 min (199 calories)
Stationary Bike- 25 min (199 calories)
Walking- about an hour total (136 calories)

2,085 calories intake-661 calories burned=1,423 Net Calories

According to my Lose It app, my goal is 994, so I was 430 calories over today. Not the best first day, but I am going to ease into this so that I don't get burnt out. My long term goal is to keep up this healthy lifestyle. I usually do good for awhile, but then it falls apart and the roller coaster starts coasting downhill real fast. My cheating today didn't help either and I am really disappointed in myself. I hope I can control whatever else crosses my path in the future! Hopefully day 2 will be better.

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  1. Lynn,

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