Friday, February 4, 2011

SIA 2011

Way back in the day when Dustin was a buyer at a sports store, I always wanted to go to SIA. It's the biggest tradeshow of the skiing and snowboarding industry that happens for a weekend once a year. It's really just one big party in Las Vegas. There's all sorts of people there in a huge convention center, all selling and buying and looking and getting free schwagg, and of course, drinking. Well, that all changed when they moved it to Denver and it toned down a lot. That's what I hear anyways. So now that I can't ride, and I'm not competing somewhere, I finally get to go. And it couldn't have been more beneficial to me. I got to meet the whole Arbor family and got to know them and hang out. It was so much fun! The president, Bob Carlson, took us all out to the best Japanese I've ever had. I don't eat fish or sushi, but my chicken teriyaki was delish! The waiter said it was the best dish they had, so I knew I couldn't pass that up! It was so incredible having everyone's support and being so welcomed into their family. They truly are a family and I am so blessed to be in their circle of trust. They are a company that really cares for their athletes and makes them a priority, which is hard to find in a company. I can't thank them enough for opening their arms to me.
Having the best mom on the planet, I made it to SIA for the first time. I had no one to drive with and my truck's a gas hog. My mom wanted to get away and see a friend anyways, so we packed up the subi and headed to Denver. We got there just in time for the Ladies Night Fashion Show. I finally got to meet Jessi, the women's designer for Nomis Girls. She is awesome and I can't wait to get to know her better and hopefully be a part of the Nomis family. The fashion show was in this little tiny bar upstairs and everyone crowded around and watched as the models strutted their stuff. The new Nomis line looks so amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on a few outfits! I was bummed that Simon Chamberlain, the pro rider who started Nomis, wasn't there, but his twin and business partner Andreas was and it was incredible being able to meet him!
The weekend went by fast with a lot of walking around, winning free stuff, accumulating stickers and posters, hanging out, meeting reps, seeing fellow shredders and chillin' with my new family. It was a very successful trip and I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I was there and not riding. Such an awesome experience, I kinda want to go again next year...

Technine rider Mark Frank Montoya mixin' some beats

Nomis and Technine rider Derek Dennison and I

MFM and I


  1. Awesome, Lynn you are just awesome!! Keep up the blogging! I really enjoy reading it.

  2. Fun times wish I had been there with ya!
    Rachel :)


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