Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spring Massive

So back to Colorado for the last little bit of spring riding. Keystone was funand Sam Elliott was in the Launch- Superpark for the under 18 year olds. It was fun finally just cruising and not worrying about "training". However, that changed when I decided to sign up for the Spring Massive at Breck. They had a good amount of prize money and it was a chance to ride Breck's park one more time. The rail jam was fun, but soooo incredibly tiring. We hiked for probably 2 hours straight hitting 4 different features. I got best trick on one of the features and earned back my entry fee.
The next day was triple air in the big park. I hadn't hit these jumps since the Dew Tour back in December. Practice went good, I was getting comfortable, but kept going a little fast for the second and third jump. In the first run, I overshot the second jump and tweaked my knee coming down. It didn't really hurt, but felt really weird. It felt as though I would collapse when I put weight on it. I tried riding down but knew that I couldn't do my second run. I went back to the top to get my backpack and slowly rode down wondering what this weird sensation in my knee was. It wasn't the same feeling I had when I tore my ACL on my other knee 4 years prior. Later on, it was a little better, but still felt weak. I was thinking that maybe I tore my meniscus or something small, because it never swelled up. I was thinking really optimistically and hoped it would get better. But I made a doctor's appointment back in Utah for when we got back the next week. The next day I just hung out in the apartment while the girls finished up the Spring Massive with the slopestyle competition. Dustin helped cheer me up by telling me that he thought I did something to my knee earlier in the year when it swelled up a lot and now finally I finished it off, and I have all summer to get better and be back next year stronger than ever. I agreed and decided right then and there that whatever the outcome of my doctor's appointment, I will promise to be as optimistic as I can and grow and learn from it.
Sitting in the doctor's office was nerve wrecking. As always it took forever for the doctor to finally come in and introduce himself, ask me what happened, type on the computer and leave the room again. Then this assistant girl came in with a huge machine on a wheeling cart. She strapped this contraption around my good knee and explained that the machine will do tests on my knee to find out the displacement. When your ACL isn't working, your knee has a displacement of movement which creates that "weak" feeling. I knew as soon as she did the test on my bad knee, it had a lot of displacement. After she took out the chart the machine made- which looked like a graph that earthquakes are measured by- she told me that it was discplaced so much that it is a 99 percent chance I tore my ACL and it isn't functioning at all. I couldn't help but shed some tears knowing what I had to go through, again.

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